Angular Versions


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The AngularDart documentation and the examples embedded in it reflect the latest stable release of the angular2 package. The package often has a more recent development (dev) release.

Angular release Latest version Documentation
Stable 2.2.0 AngularDart documentation
Dev 3.0.0-alpha Changelog

Angular alpha releases are production quality

Google thoroughly tests each version of AngularDart—even alpha releases—to ensure that our mission-critical apps that depend on Angular continue to work well.

The alpha label indicates that the API is changing, and that the release (or a release after it) might break your code.

For more information, see the documentation for the pub version scheme.

Example code

Each example in the AngularDart documentation has a repo under the GitHub organization angular-examples. These example repos are generated from the dart-lang/site-webdev repo, using files under the public/docs/_examples directory.

We intend to create 3.0 versions of all the examples, placing them in a branch of the dart-lang/site-webdev repo. Once 3.0 is stable, we’ll update the example repos.